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Everything you need to know about working on Tech Crew
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Welcome to The Performing Arts Tech Page

The Performing Arts Department faculty endeavors to educate students in their individual art forms.  At the same time, we want to promote a sense of student ownership and responsibility for our home, the Performing Arts Center, and to give students a basic understanding of the myriad technical, back stage, and support tasks that contribute so vitally to a performance.  The tech requirement gives students opportunities to support one another’s work and to become skilled in a technical aspect of the performing arts. 

We hope students will see this as an opportunity to have fun, learn new skills, and discover new artistic possibilities.  Ultimately, the performing arts cannot exist without every single member of the performing arts community contributing.  It takes all of us to make it possible for each of us to express ourselves on stage. 




Performing Arts Tech Requirements



  • Complete 20 credits of tech work per year or 10 for single-semester classes. If you are taking more than one performing arts class, you need only 20 credits total.
  • Help maintain order (clean, respectful use of all performing arts spaces) and abide by the guidelines for the space and the events in the space, as set forth by the faculty, staff, and directors.
  • Attend Strike (i.e. the taking apart, putting away and cleaning of all sets, costumes, and equipment and all the spaces associated with your performance) until it is complete and your director gives you the OK to leave.

  • Stay safe!  Be aware or your surroundings while in the theater.  It can sometimes be like a construction zone and everyone needs to pay attention to what's going on.

It is important to take your job seriously and only sign up for the positions you know you will have time for. If you discover you have a conflict after you've signed up you should talk to the Technical Director about switching positions, but it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

Performing your Tech requirement will affect your final grade. Doing no tech work will lower your grade a whole step (A becomes a B, etc). Missing days, being consistently late, lackadaisical work during calls, etc will result in your grade being lowered a half-step (A becomes A-). Doing a great job can increase your grade (B becomes B+). 


What We Talk About When We Talk About Tech

For those who missed our fabulous beginning-of-the-year Schpiel on All Things Tech, here it is in far less entertaining bullet points:

Tech Schpiel Talking Points

--Everyone’s participation is needed for the smooth running of the dept.’s events

 --20 points per year, 10 per semester

 --Can be fun, learn, you might surprise yourself

 -Sign ups will be on-line at 3pm Friday, Sept. 1.  Watch for an e-mail from Drew Yerys before sign up date giving the link to Tech lib guide for you to know ahead of time what you’d like to sign up for.  Lib guide has positions for each show, schedules, job descriptions, etc.   Your teacher can also put the Lib Guide link on course page

 --Don’t sign up for your own show—for music even ticket selling will conflict with lunch time rehearsals.  Publicity, however, should be for your own show.

 --Take your job seriously; every position is important.  If you find you can’t do it, you need to find a substitute.  Do not just take your name off the sign up— you must talk to the Technical Director to rearrange job.

 --Must commit – do not drop at the last minute.

 --All kinds of jobs, backstage and “front of house.”   Some require tech rehearsals and training workshops. Check the production calendar and website for times and dates. Training workshops are mandatory for certain jobs but open to all who are interested.

 --Be aware when signing up of other commitments and obligations such as athletic practices and games, model UN, etc.  Avoid jobs with tech rehearsals at the same time you’re on a team.

 --Write it down in your planner when you sign up!  You may also get a reminder email from Drew or Annie

 --To get credit for front of house work (ushering, ticket selling, publicity) you must fill out a form.  Blank forms are on bulletin board in lobby (by elevator) in envelope called “blank forms”.  After filling out and getting signature return to the other envelope on bulletin board “completed forms.”   Fill out form as soon as you’ve done the job.

 -- To get credit for backstage tech work (lighting, set building, running crew, stage managing, sound and light board, spotlight op, and work days) you must see Drew Yerys who will check you off a list. No need to fill out a form.

 --Technical Director will enter all forms into database.  Just before comment writing time print out of database will be posted on bulletin board and emailed to all students.   You can check your tech credit for accuracy.  See Technical Director if credited incorrectly.

 --This will affect your final grade.  Doing no tech work lowers grade a whole grade (A becomes B).  Half way job of tech credit, being late, etc. lowers grade ½ a grade (A becomes A-).  Doing a great job can increase your grade (D becomes C-).

--General use of the theater:  respect the space, return to neutral including classroom spaces.  Using the stage now as a classroom—must return all to neutral. No food/drink, clean all spaces, no non-tech in tech gallery and booth. 

 --All performers participate in strike, not just the techies.  EVERY PERFORMER STAYS FOR STRIKE!!  You cannot leave until you check in with Drew and he checks your name off his list as having completed strike.  Strike can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the show.  Drew and your director will decide if the strike is complete before allowing students to leave.  Drew will take attendance.


Your Technical Director

Drew Yerys  482 - 3280

"I'm here to help"



Using the PAC


 The following is a list of guidelines for the Performing Arts Center:

  • Respect the space! Remember there's always a show or a rehearsal coming in next, so make sure the theater, classrooms, dressing rooms, and lobby are clean and returned to their neutral state when you are done using them.
  •  Food and drink are allowed in the LOBBY and TICKET OFFICE ONLY. Only bottled water is allowed anywhere else. This privilege may be revoked if people leave the lobby messy.
  • No student may enter the tech gallery, catwalk, or control booth on the second floor without prior permission from the performing arts faculty or Technical Director.
  • Only students on the crew for an event may be in the tech gallery or booth during that event. 
  • No one may use any technical equipment without prior training and permission from the performing arts faculty.  An untrained press of a button on this complex equipment could undo many weeks of hard work.  
  • No student may walk on the catwalk or work on a ladder without an adult present in the space.
  •  No student may be in the box office without prior permission from performing arts faculty.
  • No student may use power tools without an adult present.

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